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MultiPurpose          ...platform to nurture your investment


We specialize in providing customized Business & Financial Advisory Solutions. We are passionate about nurturing and strengthening businesses


We assist budding entrepreneurs to conceptualize Plan, Implement, and Finance and mentor viable ideas.

Private & Public Sector Advisory
We help our clients navigate through the complexities associated with most corporate finance transactions ranging from: Deal negotiation, Structuring and Execution. Over the years, our team has been involved in numerous landmark transactions the following areas:

  • Capital raising – Equity and Sub-national bonds
  • Structured Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Valuation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buyouts, Divestitures & Asset sales
  • Corporate restructurings, recapitalizations & recovery

a. Investment Promotion [“IP”]

Local & Foreign
Our objective is to increase Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Portfolio Investment inflows into the Country, while at the same time provide value-added investment services to our clients. In achieving this, we monitor investments activities in the country, collect, collate and analyze policy impact and direction, conduct environmental search on industries, risk assessment and disseminate information about investment opportunities and incentives, to incoming and existing investors, locally and internationally. Our IP services over the years include:

  1. Technical and Financial Investor search
  2. Institutional Due Diligence
  3. Project Finance/Fund Sourcing
  4. Business Formation & Valuation for Takeovers/Acquisitions
  5. Verification/validation of claims in respect of business/investment collaborations

b. Equity and Debt Issuance

Underwriting: In periods of uncertainty, our underwriting capacity helps mitigate the risk associated with failed capital offerings, and helps provide unhindered respite independent of current market realities:

  1. Equity Market Activities
  2. Bond Market Activities

We advise on and manage the processes of raising equity & debt capital enabling our clients to raise funds from diverse sources including local and international instruments namely:
1. Public Offers              
2. Private Placement
3. Global Depository Receipts (GDRs)
4. Local, Euro & Diaspora bonds

c. Mergers & Acquisition

Our thorough approach to Mergers & Acquisition have helped us executed seemingly complex M&A transactions with remarkable success.
In executing transactions of this nature, we place great emphasis on conducting extensive due diligence on the combining entities because the viability or otherwise of either party may undermine and defeat the objective of the transaction.

Our activities in a typical M&A include:
i.        Prospect Analysis of merging entities in order to ascertaining the suitability of merging entities;
ii.       Carry out Current State Assessment of operations, assets and management of merging entities [Due diligence];
iii.      Conducting Enterprise valuation;
iv.      Prospecting and documenting Post- combination Synergy Analysis;
v.       Devising negotiation strategies with various stakeholders;
vi.      Assist in obtaining Regulatory approvals pursuant to subsisting legislations;
vii.     Supervise and coordinate consummation and post-merger integration of the merged entities;

Our role as Financial Advisers to any M&A transaction may include:

Buy-Side Advisory

  1. Formulating Investment thesis
  2. Investor Due Diligence
  3. Negotiation
  4. Deal Structuring
  5. Fund sourcing
  6. Regulatory Liaison
  7. Deal Execution

Sell-Side Advisory

  1. Formulating Investment thesis
  2. Full scope Enterprise Diagnostic including Financial and Legal Due diligence
  3. Business Valuation
  4. Investor search
  5. Market sounding


Our ability to hedge against Foreign exchange risk further reflects our Asset Management competence.

We specialize in providing excellent products geared towards meeting our client’s investment goals and objectives. Our aim is to deliver consistently above-benchmark returns with controlled levels of risk. Our Asset Management experience enables us to strategically apply our resources in a manner guaranteed to deliver the highest quality service. Our structure is designed to encourage focus and accountability.

Funds/Wealth Management / Administration

Our instruments enable investors invest in high yield & low cap. stocks and money market instruments. We also design and manage portfolios to meet investments needs without compromising our clients’ ethics.

We assist a number of foreign investors in investing in gilt-edge investment instrument available in the Nigerian economy. Such instruments include National & Sub-national bonds, which over time have yielded higher returns over target global benchmark.

Our ability to hedge against Foreign exchange risk further reflects our Asset Management competence.

We offer a broad range of Securities dealing services including the following:

  • Retail securities trading - Equities & Government Securities Trading
  • Block Trading (institutional local & offshore clients)
  • Proprietary Trading Account
  • Margin Trading Account
  • Specialist trading: Typically for Pension Fund Administrators (“PFAs”), Sophisticated Investors and High Networth  Individuals who require real time access to trading platform to determine best market/execution prices and Volume Weighted Average Prices (VWAP)

We deploy state-of-the-art operational suites and applications such as Inforware Software (v.10) and Bloomberg.
Our new trading platform X-Stream also provides world class access to global markets, facilitate communication between clients and dealers and offers client access to real time market monitoring